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Manjushree’s films

And Then The Mountain Called Her

How can a mountain call anyone? And even if it does, how does one know that a mountain is calling them? And even when one feels the calling, how many of us pack our bags and travel, specially when we dont even know the address of the mountain?

A lot of us are hit by at least a moment of spiritual calling at a very young age. But most of us dismiss it as a random inexplicable occurring, or the society interprets it for us as a temporary mental illness or we suppress it because of the fears or overwhelm that surface with this yearning. Would you like to meet a woman who is mad enough to interpret a pain in her heart as a call to travel, and to seek an alternate lifestyle?

Two women meet one morning to do a pradakshina around a holy mountain, Arunachala. They decide to be silent during the walk. But a song breaks the spell and they start talking.

And then the Mountain called her is a film about two women conversing in the shadow of the past. This act of remembering cinematically navigates Tiruvannamalai, and layers of history are woven into the landscape. Tiruvannamalai is the temple town in which sages like Ramana Maharishi have risen from. It has had a continuos tradition from Vedic times of layers of mythology, non confirming gurus, and spiritual seeking unravelling simultaneously.

My interest has been in rescuing these stories from the blurred cultural landscape, and work towards breaking stereotypes in the character of a seeker. I have had a personal experience in Tiruvannamalai, which I have narrated in a fictional form here, as it is easier for us to empathize with fiction than autobiography.

Leaving No Trace

A documentary I shot, directed and edited. Inspired by my grandfather, this film glorifies cyclists in the city, for they leave no trace.

Banoonga Tera Dost

A group of twenty-five riot affected children from Gujarat travel to the North East and befriend the violence affected youth who are now working for peace. Amongst all the songs and dances, a deep catharsis emerged for all of us. Although I don’t understand what it means, I love the last song. I shot, directed and edited this drama-docu.

And So Flows The Indrayani

My personal favourite film. The hero is a varkari, someone who sings Tukarams bhajans in temples and begs for a living. I edited this diploma film on steenback, made in the FTII.

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