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peanut oil compared to other fats | healthy home economist

Peanut Oil Compared to Other Fats | Healthy Home Economist

May 16, 2019· Is peanut oil really a healthier choice for cooking, especially when it comes to a fast food type of joint? Chipotle, for example, uses rice bran oil instead. Before we delve into those issues, let’s take a look at the nutrition and fatty acid profile of peanut oil.

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how to eat more coconut oil daily | wellness mama

How to Eat More Coconut Oil Daily | Wellness Mama

One of my favorite ways to consume coconut oil daily is in a cup of hot coffee or tea each morning. The trick is to blend the mixture enough for the oil to emulsify, which creates a creamy and rich consistency and not an oily consistency (which I personally don’t like).

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